3 Style Architectural Lighting has developed a series of luminaries designed specifically around the warm white characteristics of the GE Lumination Vio LED.

The innovative technology utilises violet LEDs that excite a blend of phosphors coated on a hemisphere. The emission is a broad spectrum, 85 CRI light that is remarkable since it includes red wavelengths.

The Vio technology allows for consistent light in 3000K, 3500K or 4100K and colour stability throughout the life of the installation with less than 75K shift over 50,000 hours.

In contrast, typical white LEDs are blue LEDs directly covered by a yellow phosphor. When the blue LED chip emits light and excites the phosphor coating it glows with a spectrum centred about yellow.

Since yellow light stimulates the red and green receptors of the eye, the resulting mix gives the appearance of white. However, the light emitted lacks red wavelengths so it can look greenish and warm colours such as red will not seem vibrant and may appear dull or brown compared to the Vio.

Vio warm white LED luminaries are available from Switched on Innovations .