The Sustainable Energy Association of Australia (SEA) is working with SEA members in the solar industry to address challenges facing commercial clients wanting to install solar power systems.
Businesses interested in installing solar panel arrays of greater than 30 kW in size are facing challenges, though even systems less than 30 kW have been creating some issues for installation.
SEA adviser Neil Prentice and several SEA members have led the process, engaging with Western Power to collaboratively improve processes and outcomes on smaller (sub 30 kW) solar installations for commercial premises.
A broad ranging stakeholder forum was recently held with Western Power, SEA, SEA members, the National Electrical Contractors Association, Government and other industry representatives to explore ways to improve Western Power’s handling of PV connection applications.
According to Louise Avon-Smith, Manager Sustainability at Western Power, the company has better understanding of the issues after listening to various stakeholders and is working on some of the requests for implementation. 

SEA chief adviser Professor Ray Wills said that Western Power’s readiness to engage actively with industry was much appreciated.