Laminates from Surface Squared were part of the materials palette selected to fulfil the design brief provided for the new in-patient block at the Royal Hobart Hospital (RHH).

Designed by Lyons Architecture, the recently completed K-Block meets the RHH brief for a wow factor that would also draw the interest of young patients. ‘A trip to the Atlantic’ was the theme for the project, which was represented on the walls, corridors, lighting, bedheads and flooring. 

Andim Taip from Lyons said, “For the lift lobby, this theme was further emphasised with the wall panelling and the ceiling lights. The lights were designed to resemble the Aurora Australis. The wall panelling includes a map of the routes from Hobart and New Zealand, which were taken from the Australian Arctic Division. The routes included the voyage to the Australian Arctic Research Facilities from Hobart and whale watching expeditions from Wellington. The use of orange in the waiting area was designed to resemble the refuge huts in Antarctica.”

Images showcasing various elements of the theme were digitally printed onto Surface Squared’s High Pressure Laminate sheets for installation along the corridors as well as in the lift surrounds. The surrounding timber grain is 381 Microline HPL.

Additionally, Surface Squared’s Stratificato compact laminate was used in 13mm and 20mm for furniture and joinery in 620 SEI-Due and 486 SEI. 

Good design in healthcare environments support a positive outcome for both patients and staff. The Surface Squared team has comprehensive understanding of the mechanical and physical properties of their products as well as how different materials perform and wear over time.

Surface Squared offers a range of materials that vary in performance across factors such as durability, hygiene, bacterial rating and ease of cleaning. All the products have an aesthetic appearance and come in unique finishes to promote calmness, health and healing for patients.  

Construction considerations are also imperative for efficiency and maintaining budgets. From ease of machining and fabricating both on and off site, providing excellent yield of sheets to reducing the impact on the environment and cutting down on costs associated with fabrication, Surface Squared offers the complete package.