An industry-leading safety record is one of the primary factors behind the success of the Wet'n'Wild Sydney waterpark since its opening in late 2013. The installation of the state-of-the-art thermoplastic vulcanised (TPV) coloured rubber surfaces from Surface Designs at the waterpark’s splash pad/Nickelodeon beach area has contributed immensely to the facility’s safety reputation.

Manufactured by Rosehill Polymers UK and installed by Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces, the new generation rubber wetpour surface offers a robust and versatile alternative to similar products in the market. Made from premium quality virgin rubber, anti-oxidants, UV stabilisers and pigments, the TPV surface offers superior UV stability and excellent colour consistency, having been tried and tested in the harsh Australian climate for eight years.

Ideal for use in aquatic environments including waterparks, splash pads and wet parks, TPV rubber surfaces offer a high level of water and chlorine resistance. Since the polyurethane used cannot be absorbed by the TPV, the surface stays softer for longer.

Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces Director Mark Cunningham explains that the non-toxic and non-allergenic characteristics of TPV rubber make it the ideal surface for unique playground environments.

TPV rubber surfaces do not leach out black carbon or colour pigments, or fade to white over time. Key benefits also include good luminosity, non-porous rubber granules preventing absorption of polyurethane and keeping the surface softer for longer, long wearing properties with high elasticity recovery, zero heavy metal content, non-toxic and non-allergenic qualities, and a five-year warranty.

The surface also complies with Australian standard ASNZ 4422:1986 as well as global standards BS EN 1177 and BS 7188.

Synthetic Grass & Rubber Surfaces’ TPV rubber is available in 20 colours and two grades. The company has completed diverse TPV rubber installations for schools and playgrounds as well as at the ‘Backyard to Bush’ playground at Taronga Zoo.