Supertuft’s carpet is guaranteed against faulty materials or workmanship provided that it is used and maintained according to the terms outlined in the detailed brochure titled: Carpet maintenance and warranty for our products.


Regular cleaning with a good vacuum cleaner is required to remove surface dust and prevent undue build up of material that could harm the carpet. Cleaning must be carried out by professional cleaners that have full knowledge of the equipment and chemicals that they use.

Any chemical or solution used to clean the carpet should be used according to the manufacturer’s instructions and should be used in a test area prior to proceeding to all areas. Supertuft’s products are colour fast to Australian Standards. It must be realised however, that colour can be removed if excessive heat is used especially during wet cleaning of carpet. An isolated test area should be cleaned before proceeding to all areas.

Supertuft does not recommend the use of dry powder cleaners as they can tend to leave a residue in the pile if not adequately extracted by a vacuum method. Dry powders if not removed can form a hard mass that is difficult to remove. Dry powder cleaners can leave a mark caused by the powder and in some cases may remove colour.

Supertuft recommends cleaning of the carpet by professional carpet cleaners using the brochure Wool Carpet Care distributed by The Woolmark Company as a guide.


Supertuft recommends the use of protective mats in areas where furniture is moved regularly on castors and wear on carpet is apparent. Any pile loss due to repetitive movement of furniture or similar activity is not covered by the warranty and will not occur if protective mats are used. These mats are available from some office suppliers.

Wet cleaning

Cleaning by hot water extraction (Steam cleaning) can produce good results provided that it is carried out by a competent and qualified operator. Ensure that the operator treats an isolated test area and that you are satisfied with the result before proceeding to all areas. Supertuft recommends that carpet that is spot cleaned using water be dried using a heater. Small blow heaters can be effective. If a carpet is left wet then a mould can form on the jute backing and a stain can appear on the carpet pile.


The carpet must be installed according to the requirements of the relevant Australian Standards. If due to movement of furniture or excessive traffic the carpet shows any sign of rippling then Supertuft recommends that it be re stretched as soon as possible to ensure that damage to the carpet does not appear.

Shading (applicable to cut pile carpets including velour plush and twist pile styles)

Please ensure that your client is aware that Shading (watermarking or permanent pile reversal) can often occur in cut pile carpet due to unknown factors other than traffic and is not a manufacturing fault. The presence of Shading in a carpet does not affect the life or durability of the carpet.

The labels on the Supertuft’s samples have a section marked important that advises that Shading can occur in cut pile carpets and advises the purchaser to read the brochure titled Permanant Pile Reversal Shading if they are not fully aware of the effect of this phenomenon in cut pile carpet.


The carpet is not warranted if treated with products other than those recommended by Supertuft or those described in the Wool Carpet Care brochure.