Superior Screens  have developed a durable, practical and versatile range of steel or aluminium ferneries. They can be custom made to suit any space with lattice, louvres or slatting in a number of different styles and colours. The ferneries will provide the right amount of protection and privacy for plants to grow. Superior Screens can install the ferneries with ease and consultants are available to assist with any issues.    

The Superior Steel Lattice is diamond and square shaped with a COLORBOND® steel coating. The screens can be made around decorative inserts and customers have the option to use contrasting colours in the frame and infill. Superior Louvres allow the regulation of breezes and natural light, while protecting the plants from extreme weather conditions. Superior Slatting is available in COLORBOND® or powder coated aluminium in a number of different designs.  

All Superior Screens products comply with high Australian standards to ensure longevity and quality, and the steel has been proven to have a high resistance to fire and corrosion, flexibility and hardness. Superior Screens use COLORBOND® colours which are environmentally friendly, low maintenance, and can be matched to existing structure colours.