Clik ‘N’ Fit® external window screens are the latest product from Superior Screens . Assembly and installation of Clik ‘N’ Fit® window screens can be completed within twenty minutes.

The Clik ‘N’ Fit® horizontal slats click straight into the locking plugs on the slotted vertical box posts and once all the slats are in place, the Clik ‘N’ Fit®can be fixed to the wall with brackets that fit into the end of the slotted posts. Clik ‘N’ Fit® window screens are supplied as a kit, complete with locking plugs, slotted box posts, slats and wall brackets.

Aluminium Clik ‘N’ Fit® window screens comprise a DIY modular system that can be powder-coated in virtually any colour, including a number of timber-look finishes. Clik ‘N’ Fit® window screens are available in a standard size for windows up to 1025mm high, measuring between 600m – 2000mm. Custom-made sizes are also available.  

Clik ‘N’ Fit® window screens require little maintenance, no painting and are completely fire and termite resistant.