Superior Screens  has put a new tilt on a traditional window screen with the release of its adjustable louvre that provides flexible protection from the weather and prying eyes.

Made from the omni-popular COLORBOND®steel, the adjustable louvres can vary in angle placement by 180 degrees.

Superior Screens general manager, Rita Turnour, said adjustable louvres gave homeowners, builders and architects a new level of versatility when choosing their screening applications.

“Adjustable louvres are so versatile and we’ve placed them on windows, around patios and decks, but they also make for the perfect adjustable roof,” Rita Turnour said.

“Where fixed louvre slats need to be angled at fitting and cannot be changed for required airflow and shade, adjustable louvres can be moved easily.

“Adjustable louvres enable people to readily increase or decrease the amount of breeze, natural light, privacy and weather within their own homes or offices.

“When choosing adjustable louvres, clients have flexibility when designing their homes to provide more protection from sun, rain and wind in winter; and less heat or more airflow to the same rooms in summer.”

Rita Turnour said adjustable louvres were custom-made to fit any size or style of window and virtually any colour scheme could be matched.

“Superior Screens’ louvres are made from roofing-grade Colordond steel, well known for its long life performance under harsh Australian conditions. In addition to COLORBOND®steel's 20 standard colours, adjustable louvres are also available in powder coated Zincalume in a colour of your choice,” said Rita Turnour.