A dynamic and colourful slatted ceiling custom-made by Supawood flows through parts of the family and community zone on level 2 of Woodside Petroleum’s Mia Yellagonga building in Perth WA.

Project designers Unispace were asked to create a transformative new workplace for Woodside that would foster greater work efficiencies and include a family friendly zone, complete with a children’s play area. To define this play area, they included in their design a slatted ceiling composed of large multi-coloured pencils. The challenge was to find a company capable of manufacturing this complex ceiling feature within the client’s budget.

SUPAWOOD was delighted to take up the challenge and developed an economical means to achieve the pencil design. This ceiling is SUPASLAT Aluminium with a difference. The pencils are made from aluminium tubes, which have been powder coated in 11 different colours. When combined in a specific order, these create a spectacular rainbow effect across the ceiling.

The outer ends of each tube have been given an end-fill which is the shape of a sharpened pencil end. These were custom shaped in solid pine, the points dipped in solid colours, and then attached to a matching tube.

The pencils were supplied pre-assembled to precise specifications and arrived onsite ready to install. They hang suspended for easy access to services, and lighting has cleverly been integrated in between.

This project shows how SUPAWOOD, when given a challenge, is a master at creating economical solutions for complex design projects.

The dynamic ceiling feature is an imaginative addition to the energy company’s family and community zone called 'Boolah Dah Moort’, which means many tongues and family. The name and space creatively represent the diversity of the Woodside people.

Photography: Shannon Mcgrath