A SUPAWOOD CRYSTAL high gloss ceiling has been used to revitalise Mandurah Aquatic and Recreation Centre in WA.

The brief for the designers, Donovan Payne, was to refurbish the existing 25m indoor and leisure pool hall, lightening up the interior and giving it new life. This involved finding a suitable durable moisture resistant lining to cover, reshape and protect the expansive timber roof structure, which was looking severely dilapidated.

A CRYSTAL high gloss ceiling proved to be the ideal solution.

The installation of a CRYSTAL taut ceiling system meant that no demolition of the existing roof structure was required because the CRYSTAL membrane could be installed directly over it. The flexibility of CRYSTAL enabled the ceiling surface to be easily shaped around supporting elements of the roof structure and transform them into sculptured shapes. Other amenities such as air conditioning and lighting have also been easily incorporated.

The seamless high gloss surface of the CRYSTAL taut membrane reflects the blue of the pools below, the light from skylights above and makes the interior appear lighter, brighter and larger.

The CRYSTAL ceiling prevents moisture and humidity from reaching the structure above, and is maintenance-free and fire retardant.

In total 930m² CRYSTAL taut ceiling has been installed in this project, which is an excellent example of how CRYSTAL can help transform a tired interior into an exciting new community venue to take it into the future.