How long should I allow for my feature linings? This is a question we often get asked.

A number of different factors impact our answer here, including your overall process and relationship with your supplier throughout the whole specification process.

The Dreams to Reality execution process that Supawood operates by includes the promise and guarantee to work closely with the designer, coming up with solutions to the clients' challenges and offering transparent, frequent communication.

Further detailing this process, our team will guide you through each specific stage of the process, including:

  • Design and drafting with our highly skilled draftsmen and state-of-the-art drawing software
  • Project management
  • Expertly packaged
  • Delivery of goods and onsite integration

On top of forming this positive and stress-free relationship with our team, points of consideration should include:

  • Are the materials locally sourced? Or internationally sourced?
  • How big is the project? 50 square metres, or 1000?
  • What is the project type? Is it a community project, multi-residential, or an educational facility?
  • What are the project’s compliance needs?
  • Are there fire requirements for the project?

All of these factors could greatly change the time period in which your linings will be finished.

Before you lock in your supplier, consider the capabilities of the specific company. Great companies invest in highly skilled staff, and world class production capabilities.

For a client to experience Supawood’s market leading service and frequent communication, this not only guides them through each step of the process, but also encourages confidence that we will be able to deliver the envisaged dream.

Coupled with our state-of-the-art production equipment, operated by qualified factory staff, the Supawood service experience truly is second to none in providing complete peace of mind for the client.

To further understand these service capabilities, how about locking in an insightful 20-minute consultation with our National Specifications Manager, to help you make your decision?

Book your consultation and check out our training courses.

Alternatively, check out our previously completed projects on our website. Understanding the manufacturer’s capacity and proficiency in past projects like your own, can make your decision much easier!

Keeping in mind these factors, you should allow 2 – 6 weeks for a typical Supawood feature lining product system. However, to be sure you are investing your time and budget wisely, give us a call and discuss your project requirements.