Supatile 10 ceiling tiles from Supawood Architectural Lining Systems  have proven to be the ideal quick fix solution for the repairs to the ceiling of a major Melbourne stadium function room.

Early last year, Melbourne was lashed by a freak storm causing part of the external roof around the concourse to collapse, severely damaging function rooms and areas on the two levels below. In one of the function rooms the water damaged the traditional plasterboard tiles that were fitted into the T-bar two way exposed grid but did not damage the actual grid frame they were suspended in.

The venue’s management needed a solution to fix the damage quickly but at the same time decided that the large area should also be enhanced. Supatile 10 ceiling tiles were recognised as the ideal solution.

Supatile 10 ceiling tiles are designed to fit directly into the traditional two-way T-bar grid system but in such a way that only a neat 10mm express joint is exposed. Service panels for lights and other services could also be easily specified to allow for incorporating existing fixtures. As the Supatile 10 ceiling tiles are prefinished and acoustically effective, there was little else to do.

Supatile 10 ceiling tiles are available in a wide range of finishes, offering a choice that blended with the existing decor. Here Supafinish Hoop Pine was chosen for durability and low maintenance. The end result created an atmosphere for the whole area giving the feeling the entire room had been given a complete refit.