Supawood Architectural Lining Systems  recently advised and helped the designers of an international award winning project to solve an unforeseen noise problem.

The project, a sports and recreation hall on the South Coast of NSW was built to provide a multipurpose facility for all types of people. However, once built it was found that the prefab concrete structural walls did not absorb the noise of the activities that the hall was designed to be used for but rather amplified it.

The solution, without taking away from the original design was achieved by adding Supacoustic wall panels along the lower expanse of the side walls and between the windows at either end.

The initial design of the building incorporated the theme of the night sky and the prefab concrete side walls were cast with hundreds of glass filled holes to let light filter through. This created the effect at night from the exterior of an expanse of stars as the light from within flitted out and during the day from within the hall the light filters into the interior to form the opposite effect.

The objective was not to obscure this effect by having to apply solid panels over the walls. This is where Supawood’s slotted acoustic wall panels proved to be ideal as the light still filtered through the slots.

Not only were the Supawood wall panels chosen for their acoustic effectiveness and the ability not to obscure the filtered light but the panels are also extremely durable and ideal for a high activities space.