Supawood ’s Superslat Maxi timber beams have helped a prestigious Brisbane CBD high Rise solve their weight and logistic problems. The Supaslat Maxi decorative light weight beams were used extensively for a corporate fit out in two levels of a five star Green Star A Grade office building.

The designers were faced with solving the issue of a ceiling suspension framework, which was not able to cope with the weight from solid wooden beams. Another obstacle involved getting heavy materials to the site on levels 13 and 14 of the inner city high rise.

Supawood’s Supaslat Maxi timber beams were able to solve all these issues while complying with the environmentally friendly requirements of the construction project.

The Supaslat Maxi timber beams weigh less than 2kg a linear meter for a 200mm deep beam. They are made from 80% recycled cardboard and are simple to butt-join to the site to achieve longer lengths.

The Supaslat Maxi timber beams are prefinished, will not warp or twist, are extremely durable, easy to clean and are as experienced with solid timber. Supawood’s Supaslat Maxi timber beams helped the designers solve their ceiling weight capacity problems and also helped the management of logistics on the site.

The Supaslat Maxi timbers are available in a range of both timber and painted finishes.