Supawood ’s Supacoustic acoustic panels and Supaline solid wall panels have been utilised to create a calming and peaceful atmosphere during the redevelopment of the centre atrium at one of Sydney’s most famous hospitals. The acoustic panels work to create a calm atmosphere on two plains; they reduce unwanted noise levels and have an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

As a state of the art mental health facility, it was of the utmost importance that a tranquil, relaxed and comfortable environment was created and maintained through intelligent use of interior design. Natural light filters into the several floors of the internal atrium at the core of the building. The atrium has achieved a further relaxed luminosity through the clever use of Supawood slotted and solid wall panels in a pale Supacolour finish.

Acoustic insulation was ensured through the incorporation of Supacoustic acoustic wall panels which helped to reduce the risk of filling the atrium with excessive noise reflection. The acoustic panels, combined with a mix of slotted and solid wall panels, have become an integral part of the interior décor, creating a peaceful and tranquil area.

The mix of acoustic, solid and slotted wall panels has broken up and directed visual attention to the wall areas, which would otherwise have appeared very stark and barren. Supawood’s wall panels have proven an ideal combined solution to acoustic insulation problems which have a need to be both aesthetic and durable.