New from Supawood, Supatile 10 is a premium, fully accessible ceiling panel system offering unprecedented scope for design creativity.

Supatile 10 fully accessible timber ceiling panels are designed to fit into the traditional exposed T-bar system in such a way that only a neat 10mm black express joint is exposed between tiles. This allows adaptability to accommodate any shape or size of room and for floating ceilings areas where required.

Supatile10 ceiling panels offer 100% concealed accessibility to services such air conditioning ducts or electrical connections in the ceiling cavity. Service panels are available for the installation of lights, exit signs and other fixtures.

Supatile 10 accessible timber ceiling panels are the ideal economical solution for quality refits where a standard ceiling suspension system is already in place. These panels can be used to replace existing drop in systems and be fitted easily without the expense of moving anything. Quick installation means lower project costs.

Supatile 10 panels are also easy to clean, easy to replace and extremely durable.

By using creative acoustic patterns in contemporary timber and colour finishes, Supawood have provided designers with inspiring opportunities to achieve directional effects and graphic patterns, create different moods and atmosphere, or define an area. Where a floating ceiling or demarcation effect is desired, it can achieved by fitting a S10 perimeter up-stand return strip around the panel zone. All these options provide visual stimulation and ambience to the overall fit out.

Effective acoustically for noise reduction, Supawood’s Supatile 10 accessible timber ceiling panel system meets all Green Star requirements and are also available in a fire retardant version.