The Supaslat Maxi beam system from Supawood Architectural Lining Systems  is now available in a new acoustic option that meets design requirements for a heavy beam look while addressing noise reverberation issues.

Supawood’s Supabab black acoustic backing solution makes the beams acoustically absorptive with a minimum of installation time, achieving up to 0.85NRC with broad spectrum acoustic and industry leading low frequency absorption. Aesthetics is also improved as the services above the beams are concealed.

The Supaslat Maxi beam system delivers several benefits during installation including easy handling thanks to its light weight, standard depths and lengths, simple fixing system and choice of finishes to match the decor. Supaslat Maxi offers the perfect hassle-free solution for achieving a heavy beam look.

Lightweight and easy to handle

Exceptionally light at around 2kg per linear metre, Supaslat Maxi beams are very easy to handle. The light weight comes from the beam core, which is a honeycomb of 100% post-consumer recycled paper waste covered with a low formaldehyde outer MDF layer. The light weight simplifies delivery to difficult sites while the support structure does not need to have specially engineered framing.

Easy to install - saves time and money

Supaslat Maxi beams are supplied cut to length with all visible faces finished, and come in three standard depths and lengths up to 3.5m. Longer lengths can be achieved by simply joining on site. The fixing system dramatically reduces installation time, keeping projects on track while also saving money.

Finishes to match décor colour scheme

Supaslat Maxi can be finished in a durable Supacolour solid colour to match any paint colour reference. The finishes can therefore be matched to wall and ceiling panels or other surfaces. Supaveneer natural timber veneer and Supalami laminated finishes are also available.