A SupaExpance taut ceiling by Supawood Architectural Lining Systems was installed in a home in Berry, NSW to address the thermal and acoustic problems in their large open plan living area.

The roof structure had a corrugated skin, which caused sound to reverberate, creating an acoustic issue exacerbated by the large windows and timber floor. The roof also did not provide adequate insulation making the temperature within this space very hard and expensive to manage. Additionally, the roof construction and spans were unable to bear significant additional weight.

The owners wanted the issue to be resolved without having to vacate the house during the installation.

A solution that combined acoustic absorption and thermal insulation, was lightweight, and involved a low intrusion installation process was required. Supawood proposed the SupaExpance taut ceiling system, which proved to meet their needs perfectly. The owners continued to reside in the house during the installation.

The new ceiling enclosed a space that would contain a specially selected insulation material, which would allow the owners to maintain a comfortable temperature as well as dampen the noise reverberation.

The SupaExpance taut ceiling system has helped create a clean smooth ceiling expanse, optimised acoustic performance and greatly reduced heating costs.

This project is evidence of how a SupaExpance ceiling by Supawood can radically improve both the thermal and acoustic properties of any space, using a dust-free and quick installation process that causes minimal disturbance to the occupants.