Supawood Architectural Lining Systems  presents a complete feature panel and noise control solution with the Supacoustic NCK, a range of independent floating pre-finished acoustic panel systems for noise reduction.

Supacoustic NCK (Noise Control Kit) panels are supplied as a complete system with the framing to create the air gap that perforated acoustic panels rely on for their performance. The kit includes panel with concealed fixing system, acoustic textile and framing along with installation instructions.

Designed to fit between existing fixtures, installed over other wall or ceiling surfaces such as plasterboard or cement render and even suspended from the ceiling, Supacoustic NCK pre-finished acoustic panel systems can be fixed onto any free interior space to achieve effective sound insulation while still retaining existing lighting, air conditioning and other services.

The decorative slotted acoustic panels are ideal for any high traffic or noisy areas including school halls, lecture theatres, foyers, reception areas, lift lobbies, passageways, offices and shopping malls among others. Installation can be done progressively over time and when convenient.

Key features of Supacoustic NCK pre-finished acoustic panel systems:

  • Excellent aesthetic appeal to transform any space
  • High impact resistance and easy clean finishes for long-term durability
  • Simple to specify and install with complete kit solution
  • Assured acoustic performance
  • Excellent acoustics: Up to 0.75 NRC from a 37mm footprint
  • Eye-catching slot pattern can be arranged creatively to enhance any interior decor
  • Wide range of finishes and a Fire Group 1 option
  • Five standard sizes (2390x1190, 1790x1190, 1190x1190, 2390x590 and 1190x590)