Supawood have supplied the perfect answer to the design brief for the interior panelling in the redevelopment of The Willows, a major shopping centre complex in Townsville, Queensland.

With major shopping complex redevelopment projects like The Willows, lead times are absolutely critical to maintain normal trading in existing retail areas while the work is being completed. The client also expects rapid completion to maximise a prompt return on their capital investment.

By choosing Supawood products architects are guaranteed a superior product together with reliable lead times to meet very tight project programmes. Supawood are able to support this due to their extensive experience in shopping centre developments throughout Australia.

Supawood’s inspiring range of products ensures a superior interior finish within the project’s budget to give superb quality, real value for money and the utmost benefit to the investment.

Hames Sharley Architects, the design team for The Willows Shopping Centre at Townsville, needed to integrate air ventilation into the interior design without interrupting the actual airflow or taking away from the overall look they wanted to achieve. An adaptable panel system was required and Supawood’s Supacoustic Custom slotted panels proved the perfect solution.

At the Willows Shopping Centre the Supacoustic panels have been used on both the ceilings and bulkheads. The bulkhead panels are open backed and form part of the air ventilation system. The panels have been custom manufactured with extra wide slots to accomplish even air flow into the malls of the shopping centre. The matching ceiling panels form featured areas and have Supawood’s IAT acoustic backing to help with noise reduction.

Supacoustic Custom panels can be supplied in a range of standard patterns as well as in custom permutations aimed at achieving a specific result. This gave the design team the flexibility to achieve the look and function they wanted. As Supacoustic Custom panels are available in a large range of durable finishes, it was also possible to match exactly the colour required. The panels used here are in Supafinish White.

This project emphasises the versatility of Supacoustic Custom panels. This panelling system can be fully customised to a designers exact needs, create the look they want while achieving excellent acoustics and smart access to utilities. And, as Supacoustic Custom comes complete with its own fixing system, the product is quick and extremely economical to install.

Supacoustic Custom panels are also available to meet any green or fire retardant requirements.