Supacolour from Supawood Architectural Lining Systems is a premium coating system that helps achieve stunning and durable solid colours in any interior project.

Exhibiting the qualities of a chameleon, Supacolour can become any colour to match the needs of the project, using a colour reference or simply matched to a sample to get the desired finish.

Supacolour premium coating system is also available in a range of metallic or pearlescent finishes.

Supacolour for quality

Supacolour premium coating system ensures a silky smooth, blemish-free finish with consistent gloss levels and colours every time.

Supacolour for durability

The 2-pack finish is extremely durable, and resistant to abrasion, graffiti and high impact dents. Easy to maintain by simply wiping the surface clean, the finish is stable and will not discolour with age or light.

Supacolour for environmental responsibility

The panels conform to Green Star rating because all panels are fully cured and gassed off before they leave the factory. The E0 low formaldehyde Supacolour panels can be supplied with FSC or PEFC certified Chain of Custody.

Supacolour solid colour finish is suitable for Supaline solid panels, Supacoustic Custom acoustic panels, Supacoustic NCK noise control kits and Supaslat Maxi Beam.