SUPAWOOD’s DRIFTWOOD slatted ceiling tiles are a prominent feature in a newly refurbished mining company headquarters in Brisbane, QLD. The client consulted Priority Building to refurbish two levels of their building in Grey Street, South Brisbane. The design brief called for a minimalist open and collaborative work environment with warm, neutral colours and natural elements – including timber features – that would reflect the company’s image and values.

Priority Building contacted SUPAWOOD to supply approximately 500m² of Driftwood slatted ceiling tiles to be retrofitted into an existing ceiling grid, which required a custom product. SUPAWOOD faced two major challenges in completing this project - modifying their proprietary slatted ceiling tiles and reducing the lead time dramatically to meet the client’s deadline.

SUPAWOOD’s engineering and production teams overcame these challenges by developing a new prototype that met the design intent and by implementing a night shift in the factory, enabling the product to be delivered onsite quicker than standard lead times.

Every department played an important role in getting this project over the line and delivered on time, helping SUPAWOOD build another strong and successful relationship within the industry.

According to Priority Building, “the product looks fantastic…quality product and packaging.”

Photography courtesy of Priority Building