SUPAWOOD’s timber finished decorative panels intermingled with matching slatted panels have been used as an important central feature in the newly built Rockdale City library, NSW.

The designers, CK Design International, worked closely with Rockdale Council from the outset to develop an innovative solution to replace the very old existing library with a new building, which would serve the local community into the future.

CK Design International looked for matching smooth and slatted timber linings that could be mixed to achieve a texture effect as well as harmonise with other materials chosen. As SUPAWOOD can perfectly match finishes across their range, their SUPALINE and SUPASLAT products worked perfectly for the design intent.

Adjoining the 1940s Rockdale Town Hall and utilising part of the high brick façade of the old building, the library interior comprises of a 3-storey atrium space. Each floor is connected by the centrally located lift core, which is highly exposed and a dominant unifying feature in the design by tying the 3 levels together. To achieve a sense of innovation and drama, the designers envisaged the warmth of timber cladding with the idea of a textured vertical pattern.

In the words of CK Design International…

“CK Design International looked at various timber arrangements, partly to soften the high brick facade of the old Town Hall, which was now an internal wall facing the Library interior, and also to provide some warmth to the tiled 'street' now running past the lift. So began the process of looking at various timber arrangements and panelling systems, with the knowledge that the location of the lift meant the cladding had to have a Group 1 Fire rating. This restriction led us to Supawood being a possible solution, which not only achieved the desired warmth and look of timber but also the required fire rating on both the smooth and slatted panels.

“Throughout the building, there are many timber joinery details, and Supawood has an excellent Spotted Gum finish on all their panels that matches the other timber used throughout the interior. Mixing the Supaslat and the Supaline panels with a Spotted Gum finish, on a somewhat random arrangement, gave us the perfect solution.”

Through consultation with SUPAWOOD during this project stages, the designers were able to achieve the aesthetics they visualised while addressing building regulations and blending with other elements utilised.