Supawood Architectural Lining Systems has introduced a new range of high gloss ceilings that combine a premium look with a surprisingly affordable system.

Supawood’s Crystal high gloss ceiling system strengthens the brand’s market-leading position in premium interior linings. Crystal is specifically created to capture the wow-factor and luxury appeal of high gloss ceilings. A taut ceiling system, Crystal delivers a perfect seamless high gloss finish to make the space seem lighter, brighter and larger.

Crystal high gloss ceilings can be shaped or curved to almost any requirement and are available in a wide range of exciting colours to match any décor. The Crystal ceiling system can also be combined with most of the application options offered in Supawood’s SupaExpance range including acoustic control and moisture resistant as well as an air conditioning ceiling using the unique Climaclick system. 

Crystal high gloss ceilings are also available in an antimicrobial option to suit cleanroom environments. This ceiling system is also fire retardant fire group 1, the highest standard required for any lining by the NCC.

The Crystal high gloss ceiling system is undeniably a valuable addition to any designer’s toolbox for creating standout spaces.