SUPAWOOD is embracing Innovation in all areas of their business to drive growth and performance.

Recently, the company hosted an ‘Innovation in Architecture’ event for industry leaders in the architectural and design community in the Gold Melting Room at the Sydney Mint, a prize-winning venue which features a sweeping curved acoustic ceiling by SUPAWOOD.

During this special event, guest speaker Roger La Salle demonstrated how innovation is far more than just new products but can be easily applied to all areas of business, including processes and services.

Roger also showed how his Matrix Thinking methodology provides a robust and easy to implement framework to deliver innovation. He presented compelling examples of how even small innovations in a business can deliver some pretty big results.

This is great news for architects and designers as they are fundamentally service delivery businesses that rely on the skills and ingenuity of their staff for success. The concepts presented in Matrix Thinking are of real benefit because they are an easily replicated, straightforward and systematic approach to getting teams creatively motivated to deliver greater ideas and innovative solutions to their clients.

SUPAWOOD follows the principles of Matrix Thinking and it was really exciting to see this process come to fruition with the launch of the company's new innovative products at the event. The reaction to these products so far has been fantastic and, as further feedback is received, they will continually evolve and improve.

After the success of the Innovation in Architecture event, SUPAWOOD is now adding this presentation to their line-up of CPD courses and is seeking interest from those who would like to discover the Matrix Thinking approach to innovative product development and solutions delivery.