SUPAWOOD slatted ceiling tiles have offered an adaptable and aesthetic ceiling lining in parts of the Camden Council Administration Building at Oran Park NSW.

Project designers Group GSA needed a customisable, cost-effective ceiling solution that would provide the warm look of slatted timber and maintain access to services in the ceiling cavity. They also required a low maintenance finish that was durable, VOC free and would meet BCA compliance for a public building.

SUPATILE SLAT slatted ceiling tiles in SUPAFINISH offered exactly what the designers wanted.

Situated in one of Sydney’s fastest growing local government areas, this building marks the consolidation of Camden Council into one central civic facility within the Oran Park Town Centre.

A common light-filled open atrium forms the centre of the building, off which flow flexible multi-functional offices and adjoining meeting rooms. Around each level of the atrium, walkways ensure easy access from one area to another. Here the walkway ceilings have been lined with timber slats to introduce warmth and aesthetics.

The use of SUPATILE SLAT ceiling tiles has ensured that amenities in the ceiling cavity can easily be accessed when needed. The timber finish used is SUPAFINISH Hoop Pine laminate, which is extremely durable and easy to maintain as well as VOC free.

SUPAWOOD also customised the depth of the slats to that of profile 4 while keeping the spacing the same as profile 5 in order to accommodate all of the services within the ceiling.

In other areas, SUPATILE SLAT in profile 2 finished in a SUPAFINISH White laminate has been applied.

This project demonstrates the flexibility of SUPATILE SLAT ceiling tiles to suit specific project needs, not only providing great visual appeal but also cost savings to the client.

Photography Luc Rémond