Following 10 years as a market leader in architectural acoustic linings in Australia, SUPAWOOD ARCHITECTURAL LINING SYSTEMS are pleased to announce they have successfully extended their operations into the UK.

Through knowledge gained while conquering the Australian market, SUPAWOOD have come to realised the importance of local based manufacturing as the key to the quality, flexible lead times and customizable products. For this reason SUPAWOOD have established UK based manufacturing to service the UK market to ensure they can precisely cater for their Global clients.

A range of SUPAWOOD products is now manufactured specifically to suit the requirements, trends and needs of the local market. This also provides local sales and technical support staff to provide the UK the same market leading customer service and attention to detail they have become known for in Australia.

Australian clients are also benefiting from SUPAWOOD’s extended operations through the recently added chat facility on the website. Now with the friendly UK customer service people online ready to help during the UK working day, Australian clients can chat and have information quickly emailed to them even when burning the midnight oil.

SUPAWOOD’s extended UK operation is a furthering of their dedicated commitment to innovation and superior products and services.