Floating ceiling panels from Supawood Architectural Lining Systems  offer all the design benefits of a panel system but at a lower cost.

Supawood floating ceiling panels are cost effective not only because fewer panels are used over the ceiling, but also because costs are reduced in manufacture and installation by using standard size panels. By eliminating the need for site measurements or the cutting of panels, both delivery and speed of installation are streamlined.

Floating ceiling panels can be used to define areas such as above a stair well or above a reception, breakout or any discussion area. Using Supacoustic floating ceiling panels also gives effective sound absorption.

Suspending Supawood floating ceiling panels also helps to reduce the apparent height of a room. Applications include blacking out the ceiling above or framing the floating ceiling panels with plasterboard to make a feature of the panels.

New to Supawood’s range of floating ceiling panels are Supatile 10 and the Noise Control Kit. Both products are modular to facilitate flexible designs of panel layouts for a wide range of applications.

Supawood floating ceiling panels can be finished in timber veneer, Supafinish concept veneer, solid or metallic colours. Panels can be flat, raked or curved, and direct or concealed fixed.