Supawood Architectural Lining Systems  introduces a new range of ceiling lining systems designed to facilitate even distribution of air from the air conditioning system.

SupaExpance Climaclick air conditioning ceilings help integrate a seamless ceiling area with uniform draft-free air distribution throughout the whole space.

SupaExpance Climaclick is a revolutionary concept in climate control with the ceiling lining systems eliminating cold drafts and ensuring perfectly even temperature distribution throughout the entire room to improve user comfort as well as produce up to 10% energy savings.

SupaExpance Climaclick eliminates the need for ducts and grills, transforming the whole ceiling expanse into a seamless surface that radiates the desired temperature required. Air is then distributed evenly at very low speed around the whole perimeter of the room by pushing a uniform air flow down the walls, not only maintaining an even temperature throughout the space but also eliminating condensation.

Key features of SupaExpance Climaclick ceiling lining systems:

  • Smaller ceiling cavities compared with other suspended ceiling products, enabling ceiling height to be maintained in refits
  • Less height is required per floor allowing for more leasable floors in new multi-storey developments
  • Ideal for areas of any area
  • Suits damp and humid environments such as pools and spas as well as residential, entertainment and workplace interiors
  • Suitable for cleanroom environments combined with the Bio-Pruf option
  • Up to 10% energy savings
  • No air ducts and grilles needed
  • Perfect air distribution
  • No drafts or condensation