The Supaloc ® Steel Framing System is a highly effective wall construction solution as it is safer, stronger and more secure than other framing systems.

Made from steel rather than timber, this wall frame construction solution is sophisticated in design yet simple to assemble.

In creating this wall frame construction solution, the company has taken the principles of advanced manufacturing and applied them to the construction industry.

Using a building plan and patented software every wall, truss or even floor frame that is set to feature in the building can be created, and will make up the wall frame construction solution.

The software then drives the factory floor machines to produce each steel element to exact accuracies.

The wall frame construction solution supplies builders with pre-assembled frames that are packed for transportation and they are easy to assemble.

Using a series of patented connection systems the wall frame construction solution connects the frame from truss to wall to slab.

The unique frame connections bolt and clip together with unparalleled precision, guaranteeing structural integrity.