Supaloc  wall frames offer strong and durable structures for the projects dealing with Buildings providing lock systems for floors and roofs ensuring complete security to the building constructed.

Supaloc frames are constructed using BlueScope True core G550 steel which provides complete strength to the frame. Longevity of Supaloc frames adds an advantage and due to atmospheric conditions Wall frames do not change its dimensions eliminating wall cracks, sticking doors etc.

Supaloc wall frames are 75mm wide and the crushed ends provide flat surface for wallboard fixing. Supaloc wall frames are termite free and non-combustible, making alignment easier.

Supaloc Roof purlin supports the roof sheeting and tiles and is available in 40mm top hat section. The edges of roof purlin are rippled and provided with lateral restraint when clipped into the trusses and installation is fast. Assembling of roof purlin is quick and easy and it is also free from termites.

Supaloc roof trusses are also made using Blue Scope True core G550 Steel and is fixed to the wall frames in the form of an integrated one-piece structure. Supaloc roof trusses are available in various types such as King Post Web Truss, vaulted ceiling , Standard truss, skill ion, cross braced truncated truss, and coffered ceiling.

Supaloc roof trusses use patented tie downs that fix the trusses to the top plate onto the vertical stud which gives good performance in high wind zone areas. Supaloc roof trusses are also assembled easily and quickly.