Steel Building Systems offers Steel Framing to the world. Supaloc is Trustworthy and renowned system for steel framed homes due its strong durability .Supaloc frames uses its new software for its design and manufacture. Supaloc offers accurate quality product through use of high quality Blue scope G550 High tensile True Core Steel.

Supaloc systems provide a new way to build by using Real-CAD driven machinery. Real CAD software package helps the draft man in creating a 3D environment. This software is is customised and works faster with high accuracy.

The history behind Supaloc is that the development and growth of Steel buildings created passion towards safety,security and strength in housing construction. A factory was established using the machineries available and it was identified by Mr.Weeks that the products needed extra flexibility speed and automation for the works carried out by Architects and Home owners.

Supaloc products include Wall frames , Roof trusses , Open web joists , Roof purlin, Ceiling batten , Supaloc flooring and Cabins. Supaloc Steels are used by Builders, Home Owners and Designers based on Benefits of Extra strength,Versatility and Reduced on site Difficulty.

Based on Benefits of Extra Strength Supaloc Steel frames uses Blue scope True core Steel due to its non-corrosiveness property .These frames are trouble free and have long life,Termite and borer resistant .Supaloc frames are non-combustible and are lightweight.

Based on Versatility Supaloc frames offers versatile and compatible concrete floors for construction. Supaloc frames can be modified and changed without any difficulty and are easy to fabricate. The products are available in a range of shapes and dimensions.