Supaloc flooring is specially designed with a new modular steel system for the construction of Elevated housing ,Split level designs,Balconies,Decks and Patios. Supaloc flooring systems offer the freedom to design homes and are ideal for sloping blocks.

Supaloc flooring is supplied with high corrosion resistant ZAM Steel and is non-combustible free from borers and termites .Supaloc Steel flooring is designed with the help of computers and are supplied in the form of panels which can be assembled readily saving time and money making a perfect floor.

Supaloc Cabins provide two bedrooms,a separate tiled bathroom with shower and toilet. The Ceiling is opened with the help of Skill ion roofs providing spacious open plan living area .The Kitchen consists of single stainless steel blow with gas placed under the bench oven and cook top. Vinyl flooring and Gyp rock lined walls gives finished homely feel.

The main benefits of Supaloc Cabins is that they are corrosion resistant and free from Termites. They are available in traditional and contemporary designs built from Steel frames.

Supaloc builds steel frames for a large number of building companies, including Weeks Peacock, SA Easy build, All Steel Transportable, Format Homes and World Concept Homes.