3M Prestige window films available from Sunscreen Window Tinting offer an energy-efficient solution to keep the building cool without compromising on the comfort factor.

Sunscreen’s 3M window films can actually increase comfort while significantly lowering energy bills.

When the morning or afternoon sunlight enters a room, especially in Sydney the thermostat shoots up, requiring the air conditioning to work overtime to maintain a comfortable temperature. With their ability to reject up to 79% of the sun’s heat, 3M Prestige window films help rooms maintain a more even and moderate temperature, enabling the air conditioning system to work more efficiently while also saving energy.

Sunscreen’s 3M Prestige window films help pay back for material and installation costs in less than five years, thanks to the money saved on lower energy consumption. The payback period will be even shorter in the event energy prices go up.

By not compromising on living comfort, building owners and managers can retain their tenants for longer.

In addition to the 3M line of solar control films designed to reduce cooling costs, Sunscreen offers a special series of films that helps keep offices comfortably warm and energy efficient in winter. The 3M Plus all-season window films reflect up to 30% of the heat back into the room, helping to reduce the cold felt by people seated next to windows.

Key advantages of Sunscreen’s 3M Prestige window films:

  • Reduced glare from the sun helps the person to work or relax better in a sunlit room
  • Prevents fading of furnishings from continuous exposure to solar heat and visible light by blocking up to 99.98% of the sun’s harmful UV rays
  • Ensures good health by blocking UV rays, which are the primary cause of skin cancer
  • Backed by 3M quality
  • Comprehensive commercial warranty