Problem: Project managers pondered the best way to protect a one hundred plus year old, three storied heritage aged care building. Two factors were considered. Firstly, the furnishing, fabrics, carpets and artwork needed to be preserved from the damaging effects of the sun. And secondly, the buildings safety and security system needed to be made difficult to break through the windows or doors.

The glass that the building currently had installed was predominantly 3mm plate. The question was if Sunscreen Window Tinting could provide a film that could be supplied to the existing glass to bring it up to the Australian 2208 as a Grade A Safety Glazing Material safety standard and still remain clear without having to replace all of the 400 glass panes or alter the look of the glass.

Solution: The architects wanted to maintain the buildings aesthetics and therefore Suncreen Window Tinting recommended using the 3M Scotchfield Ultra 400, which was a clear 26- micro-layered window film. As well as blocking 99% of the sun's damaging rays, the window films increase the level of safety and security of glass windows and doors by serving as an invisible shield to make it difficult to break the glass.

Results: The window film will reduce the effects of flying shards of glass if broken, protect the furnishings from UV rays and increase security. The residents now have added protection and their personal belongings as well as the buildings furnishings are preserved.

  • Skin protected and life of furnishings extended
  • Low interior and exterior reflectivity so views are clearer and more enjoyable
  • 3M manufacturer's warranty
  • Personal safety from flying glass increases
  • Scratch resistant coating