The 3M Architectural Markets Design solutions available from Sunscreen Window Tinting are helping the architecture and design community carry out fast, versatile, affordable and aesthetic refurbishments.

Managers responsible for public facilities such as hospitality, healthcare, retail and corporate environments have to constantly adapt their settings to meet the evolving needs of their customers, necessitating frequent changes and renovations.

The 3M Architectural Markets Design solutions are helping commercial architects, designers and building owners create amazing spaces easily by allowing them to adapt furniture to new trends without the need to remove and replace heavy or complex structures.

How to specify

It’s important for architects and designers to provide correct details when specifying products to ensure only the specified brand of film is used and that it meets customer requirements. When specifications offer the flexibility to use a similar product, there’s a good chance the customer may receive an inferior product. Substitute products may cause problems such as film shrinkage, crazing, bubbling, delamination, and discolouration.

When 3M film is specified, the customer is assured of a quality product and installation, both being warranted by the manufacturer, 3M. By specifying Sunscreen as the recommended installer, one can also be confident that the company has the full backing and support of 3M Australia Pty Ltd.

3M’s interior design solutions for architectural markets address requirements in a broad range of environments from offices and hospitality to healthcare, retail, corporate and even marine. Products designed to suit environments such as hospitals are resistant to water, dirt and impact, promoting hygiene and cleanliness.