Sunscreen Window Tinting was approached by the facilities manager of a chain of shopping malls for an effective solar control solution that would reduce the entry of heat, light and UV rays as well as save on energy costs.

The facilities manager from the Westfields chain needed Sunscreen to address four major issues. He sought a window film that would reduce maximum radiant heat transferring through the skylight glass to improve customer comfort. He also wanted the air conditioning to work more efficiently to save on energy costs. The film needed to let enough natural light in, while reducing the glare of the sun to minimise eyestrain to customers and employees. Finally, he wanted to protect the staff, and preserve the furnishings, fabrics, carpets and artwork from the damaging UV rays of the sun.

Sunscreen Window Tinting recommended the 3M RE15SIARXL external solar control film with 79-83% solar energy rejection, 82% glare reduction and 99% UV protection. The skylight was 3-4 levels from the ground; therefore, an external application allowed easier access to the glass, eliminating any disruption to the retail stores below during installation. 

The skylight glass already had an existing external film, which had disintegrated over time. Sunscreen successfully removed the film and thoroughly cleaned the glass before applying the new 3M sun control film. Once the new film was applied Sunscreen sealed the edges with silicon, and applied a roofing tape for extra protection and longer lifespan.

Since the installation, the 3M Prestige RE15SIARXL external window film has substantially reduced heat up to 83% increasing comfort for employees and customers, which also saving on energy costs with reduced dependence on air conditioning. The reduced glare has minimised complaints of eyestrain by the workers. The 3M window film has also reduced the entry of damaging UV rays, not only protecting the health of workers but also various furnishings and goods.

Sunscreen’s 3M Prestige window films are backed by the 3M assurance of quality and performance.

Key advantages of Sunscreen’s 3M Prestige window films include increased comfort and energy savings from reduced entry of heat and lower air conditioning use; better health protection from blocking up to 99.98% of the sun’s UV rays; access to 3M-trained professional installers; and comprehensive commercial warranties.