Sunrooms Plus offers retractable enclosures for pools and spas that make swimming pools usable all year round.

Retractable pool and spa enclosures protect against pollution, dirt, leaves and unwelcome animal and insect intruders, helping to keep the water clean, resulting is less maintenance and cleaning time. Offering 99.9% UV filtering from PC glazing, retractable pool enclosures from Sunrooms Plus also have the Skin Cancer Seal of approval.

Having a retractable roof offers the added convenience and pleasure of an indoor and outdoor pool or spa all in one.

Retractable pool enclosures feature the “Secure Track” rail system that ensures safe and easy operation.

The multi-wall PC glazing on top provides insulation as well as temperature control and there a several glazing options suited to different climatic conditions that will also offer appearance according to customer preferences.

Custom designed pool and spa enclosures add convenience and pleasure to any home.