Available from Sunmaster Australia , drop arm awnings offer protection from high temperatures and bright sunlight.

Sunmaster drop arm awnings are suitable for every type of window in a house where unrestricted access under the awning is not required. The cover, front profile and arms are manufactured using high grade aluminium that can be powdercoated in 150 different Dulux colours.  

They can be operated manually using a crank gear and detachable handle or motorised, which can be operated using a switch on the wall (hardwired) or by remote control.

Various sizes of spring loaded arms are available to provide adequate shading for the home and workplace and when in a closed position the drop arm awning will fold neatly against the window. Due to the high level of functionality and dependability it is also often used for high buildings such as offices and hospitals.

Drop arm awnings open at a 45 degree angle and can provide shading for windows and doors A variety of fabric choices are available, including fibreglass mesh, polyester mesh or waterproof acrylic fabrics.