Sunlite Australia  have recently completed a new electrically operable Weathershade at a newly finished Palazzo Homes project in Dalkeith. The louvred Weathershade provides a practical shading solution and creates a focal point in the patio area of the new home.

The Sunlite Weathershade consists of two 240V motors controlled by a convenient and simple wall switch or hand-held remote, depending on individual needs. Sunlite Australia also have a range of Weathershades, which have the added benefits of both wind and solar sensors in the unit.

The Sunlite louvred Weathershade is suitable for many different applications – the most prominent being for use as patio coverings.

Sunlite Weathershades are designed to provide controlled weather protection against harsh sun, rain and windy conditions, especially when used for protecting outdoor entertaining areas. The louvre blades are electrically operable, which means users can open, shut or tilt the louvres with the touch of a button - providing total coverage, or maximum sunlight. With the optional luxury of wind, rain or solar sensors, the unit will self close, protecting homes from harsh weather conditions even when the owners are out during the day.

This recent Palazzo Homes project in Dalkeith has been nominated for building and design awards, including Home of the Year – with the help of an innovative Sunlite Australia louvred Weathershade.

The shade provides a stylish and practical roofing solution in the home’s outdoor area, providing absolute shading and wind protection.