Sunlite Sun Shades are ideal choice which provides protection to Window Glazings from solar heat. Sunlite Sunshades are being used under various situation and are available in range of blade sizes and also in forms of perforated Aluminum Profiles which can be controlled mechanically according to the direction of Sun. All surfaces of the Blade are coated with Weather and UV resistant colour compounds making the sun shade attractive and offers long lasting protection against damaged weather conditions.

Sunlite Weather shades are designed to control weather protection against harsh sun, rain and windy conditions. Weather shades helps in keeping indoors cool when installed over large glazed windows or sliding glass doors. The opening present over windows allows cool wind reducing the heat.

Sunlite Weather Shades are provided with manual or electro-mechanical controls and are available in various colours. Sunlite Weather shades offers absolute shading and wind protection and are ideal choice for roof venting and natural lighting solutions.

Similar to common textiles, metal fabrics are manufactured on looms. The surface structure and overall visual appearance of metal fabrics are determined by the type of weave and the wire dimensions. In addition to this, due to special cleansing and manufacturing procedures these metal fabrics have a reflective, shiny and homogeneous surface, and are available in natural stainless steel or 'gold'

Mechanical strength, corrosion resistance and non-combustibility are basic properties of high quality stainless steel meshes. They are also chemically resistant, non weathering, dirt repellent and 100% recyclable.

Sunlite Australia  can give you the best advice when it comes to the application and installation of this unique product.