Decades before today’s “green” movement, Glen Raven, committed to exceeding industry standards for environmental stewardship.

Through ongoing initiatives with their vendors, trade partners and customers, Glen Raven will stay in the forefront of protecting the environment. Below are some of the ways Glen Raven continue to protect air, earth and water while producing quality, high-performance textiles.

Sunbrella’s manufacturing facility is virtually waste-free
Glen Raven’s Sunbrella manufacturing facility sends no waste to landfills. Fibre and fabric waste are used for alternative textile product applications, and 100%of office waste is collected and reprocessed. In total, more than 2.4 million pounds of waste are recycled annually.

Sunbrella creates no wastewater from dyeing
Sunbrella’s colouring process avoids harmful effluents associated with conventional dyeing processes. It also significantly reduces water and energy consumption.

Sunbrella finishing processes consume less water
Continual process improvement in Sunbrella’s finishing application process has reduced water consumption at the Anderson plant by 20 million gallons per year and wastewater by 12 million gallons per year.

Sunbrella fabrics are extremely durable
Sunbrella fabrics are engineered for a serviceable lifespan two to ten times longer than conventional fabrics. The impact of producing cotton canvas, for example, must be multiplied many times to compare it with Sunbrella’s extended longevity.

Sunbrella fabrics offer significant sun protection
The Skin Cancer Foundation recommends Sunbrella as an aid in the prevention of sun- induced damage to the skin. People can use shading products featuring Sunbrella as a part of their complete sun protection regimen, including regular use of sunscreen.

Fabric awnings using Sunbrella reduce energy consumption
A recent study by the University of Minnesota illustrated that awnings made of Sunbrella fabrics reduce home cooling energy consumption by 10% to 60% and peak cooling loads by as much as 40%, depending on geographic location. Cooling requires less energy because the awning’s shade prevents the sun’s heat from entering the home through windows.

Sunbrella Furniture fabrics are GREENGUARD certified for indoor air quality
Sunbrella Furniture fabrics are certified by the GREENGUARD Institute’s Children and Schools standard as contributing to healthy indoor air by being a very low-emitting interior product.

Manufacturing locations near strategic partners
Glen Raven’s production facilities are strategically located close to their suppliers’ and customers’ factories in the United States, Europe and Asia. For example, Glen Raven’s new facility in China has reduced transoceanic shipping, resulting in an estimated savings of 40,000 gallons of diesel fuel in the first year of operation.