Sunbrella are undergoing a brand identity update including the introduction of a new logo. The goal is to acknowledge the 50-year heritage of Sunbrella and to focus on how Sunbrella can enhance consumer lifestyles through performance, innovation and sophisticated styling.

Sunbrella fabric was primarily used for awning and marine applications, which gave rise to the familiar multi-coloured umbrella. This logo continued to serve the brand well as it expanded into casual furniture in the mid to late 1980s.

The styling sophistication of Sunbrella has progressed through jacquard weaving, unique yarn combinations and advanced fabric finishes. Sunbrella helped in transforming the patio to the outdoor room. It is a popular interior fabric and offers easy care, fade resistance and elegant styling such as velvet sheers.

The new Sunbrella identity is designed to reflect comprehensive Sunbrella product offerings. The new logo features a contemporary look with a sense of style for outside and inside the home as well as for boating and many other applications.

Sunbrella’s distinctive yellow, red and blue umbrella has transformed into a stylised umbrella. The type face for the new Sunbrella’s logo is updated with a cleaner and contemporary look. The logo utilises a new signature colour - a contemporary deep orange that conveys the brand’s growth in fashion-forward styling.

The logo is combined with a visual system that ties together all applications and markets. An awning sample book, indoor furniture tag, marine brochure and outdoor furniture advertisement will all have visual cues that identify them as part of the Sunbrella family.

When the previous logo was introduced, Sunbrella fabrics featured primarily solid colours and broad stripes for outdoor applications in awnings, marine and patio furniture.

Sunbrella fabric has progressed both in performance enhancements and sophisticated styling that includes jacquards, chenille, velvet and sheers, along with innovative new looks for awning fabrics.

The new brand identity coincides with the unveiling of 28 new awning styles – an extensive new introduction of awning fabrics - along with details concerning significant performance enhancements.

The new brand identity will be phased into various marketing elements over the next several months, including advertising, website, packaging and collateral materials.