Selecting a timber floor is not just about the type of timber or colour. Timber flooring comes in a broad range of plank shapes and sizes. The width and length of hardwood planks contribute to the look and feel of the overall space. This means that the dimensions of the plank you finally choose will highlight certain features in the room. Keep the aesthetic of the room as well as your budget in mind when choosing the width of timber boards for your project.

Style Timber Floor lists out the differences between wide and narrow timber planks, and the potential impact of plank widths on your design and space.

Wide planks

Super plank

A popular choice for rustic-themed interiors, wide planks bring a unique beauty to a home space. Wide boards, such as Style Timber’s Super Plank Collection are most commonly used for minimalistic, rustic or ultra-modern designs.

Super planks are extra wide oak planks, epitomising grandeur and bold elegance. These extra wide planks are made from the largest and finest trunks sourced from sustainable forests, with every piece standing out for its own unique grains and knots.

Recommended for large open areas to create an opulent ambience reminiscent of the beautiful grand palaces and castles of Europe, these extra wide boards are available in dimensions of 3600mm x 300mm or 5000mm x 350mm. Wide planks are easy on the eye and make an impactful impression in the room.

Designers often use wide boards in smaller, cramped rooms to create an illusion of space. If the small room has limited lighting, consider installing a light coloured floor with a glossy finish to bring out the room’s natural light. Narrow rooms can also appear larger and wider by laying wide boards perpendicular to the long side of the room.

Narrow planks

Narrow plank

With their elongated and linear look, narrow timber planks can also be cleverly used in small rooms to make them appear longer and more formal. However, they can make the room look busier than wide boards. Narrow widths also mean there will be more joins on the floor since more timber boards will be needed to fill the room. If the room decor is simple, you could add more texture to the room or create a statement floor by installing narrow planks.

Mixing wide and narrow timber planks

Reclaimed timber

Large rooms have the advantage of easily accommodating both narrow and wide wood floorboards without either size looking out of place. However, mixing narrow and wide boards is tricky but can cleverly achieve a nice illusion of space and bring originality to the room. To add more character to a large empty space, add a multi-toned floor with a mix of plank widths; the contrast in colours and plank size will bring depth and texture to the area.

Reclaimed timber is an excellent on-trend alternative for large rooms, adding its own unique character and personality to the space.