One of the most popular flooring systems in the market, timber floors are known for their warmth, robustness and resilience. Solid and long-lasting, timber floors can withstand the knocks of everyday life and still look elegant. Timber floors can also be restored to their original glory through a simple sanding process.

However, selecting the right timber floor that will meet both your needs and expectations can be a difficult task. Style Timber Floor has listed a few points that could help you make your decision.


There’s a deep connection between the size of the room and the colour of the timber floor in terms of the overall feel of the space. If you are designing a large space, you might want to use warm and dark tones for your floor. These colours tend to make a large room look and feel more cosy, but can also give a more powerful and dramatic contrast at the same time.

Interestingly, both light and dark floors work equally well for small spaces. Check out European Oak Strip Flooring and Herringbone Collections for inspiration. All of Style Timber’s collections have a wide range of colours to suit every type of room. Timber floors can also be produced in custom colours to suit your requirements.

Plank Size

Timber boards are available in both narrow and wide options – your choice will depend on the aesthetic you want to give the room as well as the budget you have planned. While 190mm is a popular choice, wider boards are increasingly being preferred due to their ability to make a space appear larger. Widths of up to 300mm are now being used, and even up to 400mm with Style Timber’s Cadorin Italian range.

For something different, check out Style Timber’s ‘random widths’ range Chalet Collection, consisting of mixed widths of 110/190/300mm. Timber planks of random widths add a point of difference to the space and are also a nod to the contemporary styling that is so popular in Italy.


Grain refers to the veins and knots on a timber surface. A wood’s grain is determined by its origin and the method used to cut it. Choosing the right type of timber according to its grain also depends on the aesthetic of your project and the budget.

For instance, a timber board with no markings is rare, and therefore more expensive. Boards with apparent knots and veins are more accessible and will give a more natural feel to your space. For a proper authentic and rustic look, Style Timber’s Reclaimed Collection is an excellent choice. Comprising of genuine recycled timber and reclaimed reproduction wood of mixed species such as European Oak, American Red Oak and Elm, the planks in this collection come with visible burned effects, nail holes, worm holes, saw marks and even cracks as part of the surface finish, creating an aged appearance.

Additionally, when it comes to recycled and reclaimed timber, board size including width is rarely identical, which can be a beautiful feature for your project. These aged timbers are more durable and harder than fresh timber, so they may actually last longer. The Reclaimed Collection boards are prefinished with an oil coating and then engineered, adding warmth, character and a rustic charm to any space.