Open plan living continues to be on-trend in many developments; with a few clever techniques, it is possible to create distinct spaces and zones within an open plan layout.

No doubt, the furniture and furnishings act as excellent space differentiators to indicate kitchen, dining or living zones. However, you can take your design one step further and use the flooring, or even walls to make a clear visual distinction.

Style Timber Floor was recently involved in a project at No 1 Circular Quay where they had to provide a distinct flooring solution for the development. The beautiful kitchen, complete with marble benches, features herringbone flooring from Style Timber to provide a real point of differentiation for the space, separating it from the rest of the apartment.

Though herringbone is not commonly specified for kitchen floors, the distinct flooring pattern gives an illusion of a space separate from the other zones in the open plan layout.

In addition to different flooring patterns, even the walls can be used to break up open plan living designs.

Timber feature wall

A timber feature wall in the living or dining space will not only act as a distinguishing feature in open plan living but also add style to the interiors. A timber feature wall introduces a sleek and modern element into any space and also creates a real point of difference that will make your design stand out.

These timber wall images are from Style Timber’s partner, Cadorin, who specialises in 100% Italian made timber products with beautiful finishes.

Timber feature wall

In these two images, the feature wall is highlighted with strip lighting, making it even more of a feature. The wall panelling is also set into a white wall, which contrasts with the dark timber panelling to provide that distinction for this open plan dining space.