Available form Studor Australia , Trap-Vent is a combined trap featuring a 50mm seal and integrated air admittance valve. These trap vents eliminate the need for secondary ventilation and replacement of conventional S and P traps.

These trap vents can be supplied in polished and brushed chrome-plate finishes and will offer an attractive finishing touch to any bathroom.

Trap-Vent is has been designed to international standards, and is ideal solution for group venting and problem solving in existing buildings. Traps vents are just one element in the system which will vent a building without needing conventional vents.

Studor trap vents can be installed up to 1000mm below the flood level of the appliance and should be fitted in a vertical position. They should also be located in a location that is accessible and allows free movement of air into the valve.

Studor Trap-Vent is available with 32mm or 40mm appliance connections and can be installed with no specialist tools.