Studor Australia , manufacturer of Positive Air Pressure Attenuators (P.A.P.A), Air Admittance Valves (AAV’s) and Combination Trap Vents, has announced the appointment of Mike North S.A. as the new Studor agent for South Australia.

Studor Australia is ideally suited for pick-ups or delivery state-wide. Ted Bell, the State Manager is keen regarding the possibilities with this new group of products.

“This now gives us an additional product to discuss with the hydraulic consultants when we call on them,” he said.

Paul Lanthois, the company Sales Representative is also pleased, promising a new dynamic and regular approach to customers and projects in South Australia.

With this available large warehousing capacity Studor Australia can now have stock on hand to service Adelaide requirements the same day if needed.

Mike North S.A. covers the entire state of South Australia, extending as far as Alice Springs in the Northern Territories, Broken Hill and Mildura to the East; areas not previously covered by regular Studor Australia visits.