Available now from Studor Australia , the Maxi-Filtra is an active carbon filter system designed to eliminate bad odours produced by drainage systems.

Particularly for use with septic tanks, the Maxi-Filtra active carbon filter system may also be installed on open vents, either where the open vents already exist or for new-builds where regulations insist on their inclusion within the building's drainage system. For best results, the Maxi-Filtra active carbon filter should be installed in conjunction with Studor Air Admittance Valves.

The Maxi-Filtra active carbon filter system may be installed vertically or horizontally in an accessible external location and no specialist installation is required. The Maxi-Filtra is commonly installed with a push-fit connector and the cap simply lifts off to enable easy access for the carbon filter to be replaced (at least twice a year, and more regularly for high odour saturated applications).

The Maxi-Filtra active carbon filter system is supplied with one carbon filter and the connector as standard. These units are suitable for connection to 80mm and 100mm DWV and the aluminium cover provides protection and insulation when the Maxi-Filtra is installed outside the open air.