Available from Studor Australia , Chem-Vent is a chemical resistant air admittance valve that has been specially designed for laboratory waste systems that are subjected to chemical and acid waste. Such systems can be found in hospitals, schools, pharmaceutical manufacturing and other specialist industries.

Made from chemical resistant and field-tested flame retardant polypropylene (PP) material, Chem-Vent air admittance valves are supplied with a 40mm thread and will help to provide cost saving by minimising the need for expensive chemical resistant vent piping. These vents will also help to improve performance of specialised acid waste systems.

When installing, Chem-Vent air admittance valves are best positioned underneath the appliance, such as the sink or basin. They should be fitted in a vertical position in a location that is accessible and permits free movement of air into the valve.

These chemical air admittance vents are simply hand-tightened, meaning there is no need for specialist tools.

Chem-Vent air admittance valves measure 67mm (H) x 50mm (W) and are extremely resistant to many chemicals.